PLEASE READ THE FAQ FIRST. I love getting questions and talking to people, but getting the same ones over and over is extremely draining. If I don’t answer your ask (especially anon), it’s probably because the answer is here.

Q: Do you have a link to the video of [insert post here]?

• If it’s not on the post, i really dont know, sorry. Check  The Hunger Games’ youtubeJenniferLawrenceDaily, and MockingjaySource.

Q: I love you, now pass this on to ten people.
Please don’t send me this! It’s nice, but I find it to be insincere. 

Q: I have a question about your themes?
• Please send any theme related questions here.

Q: Why do you tag everything don’t let him take queue from me? What is a queue?
• A queue is a tumblr function that posts for you at random intervals throughout the day. The tag is a take on a quote from Mockingjay.

Q: What photoediting/gifmaking program do you use? Where did you get it?
• Photoshop CS5. My friend sent it to me. I don’t have a link, sorry.

Q: Could you make me a url graphic?
• No, sorry! I’m too busy.

Q: Could you make me a [character/actor] icon in [color]?
• Yes, I’ll upload it ASAP.

Q: Follow me back?
• No, I’m sorry I do not follow back on request, but i will check out your blog if you ask. =)

Q: Can you promo/vote for me?
• Only if we’re friends or I follow you, sorry. =\